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“This is by far the best method for self-teaching balalaika available. It is a comprehensive and well-written method by a master player.” - N.Carey, 2008

“The book has exercises, songs, a CD and is probably one of the best choices you could probably make as far as your first balalaika book.” - Robert L.Crepeau

The Complete Balalaika Book
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“Presented here is a rare collection of some of the best Gypsy folk songs popular among the Romanies of Russia and Eastern Europe. All offered in the original Romany tribal dialect, as appropriate to each song, with easy-to-follow pronunciation guide... offers a rare insight into the history, traditions, language as well as the music and songs of this unique and and mysterious people.” - Duck Baker

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Russian Gypsy Folk Songs by Bibs Ekkel on the Balalaika


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